About Andie Gechtman Studio

Hi, Thank you for visiting Andie Gechtman Studio!

I'm Andie, a Los Angeles-based artist and designer. Being a creative and a maker has always been at the core of my identity. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a BS in Textile & Apparel design, I spent four inspiring years working as a clothing designer and learning all the ins and outs of the fashion industry. This past year, I had a realization that changed everything: What  excited me most about designing clothes were the textiles and prints I got to use; sourcing fabrics was my favorite part of the design process! That's when I realized that I could be the artist who designs those prints! And, my prints don't have to only be for clothing- I can put my artwork on any product and even create my own line of goods! So, Andie Gechtman Studio was born. 

Much of my work is inspired by what I've seen on my travels around the world. My love of color and pattern resonate throughout my designs and will bring a vibrant, joyful energy to your home and lifestyle! 

Andie Gechtman Studio also features a bespoke Custom Studio, where I will work with you to create one-of-a-kind paintings and illustrations. From portraits of people & pets to custom illustrations for wedding invites, no idea is too big to execute. I love bringing your visions to life and creating pieces that are cherished forever! Find out more about the Custom Studio here

Lastly, Andie Gechtman Studio is the home of my handmade jewelry line, By Andie. Making jewelry is an extension of my creativity that I view as wearable pieces of art, and I am excited for it to now be under the umbrella of Andie Gechtman Studio. By Andie focuses on everyday staples that can be mixed and matched together to create beautiful bracelet stacks. I love seeing my customers be creative with their combinations and curate their own unique arm parties!  


For freelance, commissioned design, or art licensing inquiries, please reach out via email to andiegechtmanstudio@gmail.com