Faceless Group Portraits
Faceless Group Portraits

Faceless Group Portraits

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What is more special than an original watercolor portrait of your crew? My Faceless Group Portraits are unique and stylized paintings of you and your loved ones.

All portraits are hand-painted with watercolor. Portraits are painted onto acid-free, archival watercolor paper. 

*Faceless Group Portraits are less detailed and more stylized than my Watercolor People Portraits. This listing works best for group shots, or full body shots where the figures will be small in the painting. 

How it works:

1. Choose the size you'd like, and place your order.

2. Send me an email with the following information to andiegechtmanstudio@gmail.com:

  • The photo you would like turned into a watercolor portrait. If you have a few options you are deciding between, send them all!
  • Date needed by, if applicable. 
  • Any other specific details or requests you may have

3. I will get back to you with an estimated delivery date, and work with you to make decisions about layout, composition, and other details. 

4. I will send you a photo of my first sketch, before proceeding to painting

5. I will send a photo of the painting before mailing. (please note: any minor adjustments are ok and not subject to additional charge. Any major changes may be subject to an additional charge). 

*PRICE IS SUBJECT TO VARY*- once you submit your artwork and request, if the artwork has a lot of very intricate details, therefore taking a significant amount more time, there may be extra charge. We will work together to confirm everything before proceeding.

If you would like to add on custom stationary with your watercolor portrait, see this listing

If you would like to add additional prints of your custom artwork, see this listing.

All custom portraits are packed by hand and shipped carefully in an acid-free protective sleeve, with stiff backing board, in a rigid mailer. 

Please feel free to share your portrait on social media, but please tag and credit my work :) 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minor adjustments after initial sketch and after photo of final painting are acceptable and included in price, as long as they do not stretch far from what we discussed initially or require a re-do. Any major changes (especially at final phase) are subject to additional cost, which will be discussed before proceeding further. 
  • Each painting is custom and one of a kind, and have a no return policy.
  • I retain copyright and ownership of all artwork. If you would like to reproduce your image- for example, print onto a mug or making copies for yourself- a legal contract will need to be signed for a licensing payment. Please note, I do offer additional prints on this site, and you are encouraged to order as many additional prints as you'd like of your custom artwork!